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About Property Owners Services LLC

Property Owners Services, LLC is a Limited Liability Company, licensed, bonded and insured in the State of Washington.  Our Washington Contractor’s Registration number is: PROPEOS881CW.

We focus the services of the company on Handyman Maintenance and repair for both commercial and residential customers.  We want to offer you and your customers the benefit of our skills, equipment resources, personal attention to detail, and commitment to excellent customer service.

Handyman rates are billed at $55.00 / hour., one hour minimum.  Materials that I supply are marked up an additional 30%.  Commercial account terms of net / 30 may be set up upon approval of credit.


Our Five-Point Inspection:

  1. Weather Damage
  2. Signs of Trespass or Vandalism
  3. Lawn and Landscaping Conditon
  4. Gutter and Roof Condition (from the ground)
  5. One Exterior feature specified by the owner

Contact us at 360.589.4603 for complete information